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Let us organise and cater for your funeral gathering.

We offer a professional service ensuring all your requirements are handled efficiently and in a sensitive manner. Here are some suggested menus, however, we can create a menu to suit your individual requirements.

We hope we can be of assistance.

Menu A
Platters of assorted freshly made sandwiches

Danish pastries 

Cchocoate elcairs

Freshly brewed Tea and Coffee

 £ 8.45 per person

Menu B
Platters of assorted freshly made sandwiches

Large sausage rolls

Potato wedges

Mini pork pies

Breadsticks with dips

Warm vegetarian quiches

Freshly brewed tea and coffee

£ 9.95 per person

Menu C
Warm mini Yorkshire puddings with roasted meat and condiments

Platters of assorted freshly made sandwiches

Hot glazed cocktail sausages baked in honey and wholegrain mustard

Warm vegetarian quiche

Mini pizza slices

Tiered cake stands with a selection of cake, meringue and scones

Freshly brewed tea and coffee

£14.95 per person

All Menus Based on a Minimum of 10 person
It takes a long time to get used to the loss of someone we love, but remember the when people die they leave something very special behind, they leave us memories of many things they said and did, and as long as we have these memories, the people we love will live on in our hearts and minds.

2 hours Room hire included